Welcome to CMU Agent Workshop 2024

GHC building at CMU.

You are invited to join a two-day workshop on the various designs, applications, challenges, and risks of agents.

It will feature invited talks, tutorials, student research posters, seminars and a hackathon!

Present Your Project, big or small!

Attention students! If you have a project (course project, ongoing research, fun side project, or startup projects, anything really!) about LLMs, tools and agents, come join and chat with others both inside and outside CMU in our poster session!

Submit your poster (opens in a new tab) and bring it in!

More information: https://cmu-agent-workshop.github.io/posters (opens in a new tab)

Important Info

Topics of Interest

Some of the topics that you might be interested in that may appear in the workshop (definetely not an exhaustive list):

  • LLM with tool use (LLM reasoner + environment receptor)
  • LLM agents (+environment actuator)
  • Tasks and Domains that are interesting (knowledge exploration, software engineering, clerk work, medical, robotics, enabling scientific discovery, social agents etc.)
  • Learning of LLM agents (expert supervision, reinforcement learning, weak supervision, synthetic data, environment generation and augmentation, etc.)
  • Open source software of LLM tool use and agents (e.g. browser plugin, AI assistant, toolbox, environment, framework, etc.)
  • Multi-agent interaction, human-agent interaction, socially-intelligent Agents.
  • Safety of LLM agents and how to improve them.
  • Ethics and societal impact of LLM agents (jobs, economic impact, effects on underrepresented population, effects on accessibility, etc.)


We greatly thank the following for their support in the event!

Ardent Venture Partners (opens in a new tab)

Ardent Venture Partners.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form https://forms.gle/EpLkPvVodg9FUtxf7 (opens in a new tab). We will send you more information about the workshop as it becomes available.